Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


AC Monza communicates below how to allow UNDER 14 minors to receive the free coupon according to Legislative Decree 8/2/2007 nr. 8, converted, with modification, into law no. 41.

The law provides the release of free nominative admission tickets to minors under the age of 14 accompanied by a parent or relative up to the fourth degree of relationship, to the maximum extent of one minor per adult, for a number of sporting events of no less than fifty percent of those organized during the year.

The adult is required to ensure the surveillance of the minor for the entire duration of the sporting event, therefore it should be noted that minors without a companion will not have the right to access the stadium, even if in possession of a regular UNDER 14 Free ticket. Tickets released for this initiative will not be transferable.

Interested people can take advantage of the initiative directly from the website by clicking on the link and selecting the tariff dedicated to the promotion.

The tariff will be enabled with the simultaneous purchase of a FULL title in the same sector

Please note that at the entrance it will be necessary to show a valid identification document.

NOTE: The aforementioned discount is valid only for the CURVA NORD sector until all available places are gone.

The matches of the 2021/2022 sports season for which it will be possible to formalize the request are:


- Monza - Ternana

- Monza - Pordenone

- Monza - Cittadella

- Monza - Alessandria

- Monza - Cosenza

- Monza - Frosinone

- Monza - Perugia

- Monza - Cittadella

- Monza - Reggina

- Monza - Spal

- Monza - Pisa

- Monza - L.R. Vicenza