Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


User change is available only for events and in the modalities approved by the Organizer.
In compliance with current regulations (Italian ministerial decree of 6 Jun 2005), it is necessary to verify the identity of the users of admission titles (seasoncards / tickets): people accessing the stadium by using irregular titles are subject to the penalties in accordance with the current legislation.

At this webpage it is possible to change ticket owner from the one indicated on the access title to a new one: the operation has immediate effect, when successfully completed.

At the moment of entrance into the stadium, the new beneficiary of the right of entry must submit the receipt which certifies the completed name variation printed from the website, together with the access title.

Whether the prodecures are not completed or in case of nonsubmission of the receipt certifying the name variation to the security staff, access to the stadium won't be allowed.

IMPORTANT: The change of user of admission tickets is possible only if carried out for the benefit of a person having the same rights. It is not possible to request user changes with the addition of what has already been paid for the transfer of a higher price type: from reduced to full, from one place to another.

Please note that reduced tickets (season and game tickets) are not transferable.

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