Address: Via Franco Tognini, 4

Height: mt. 162

Construction Year: 1985

Pitch dimensions: 105x68

Total Capacity: 17.102

The U-Power Stadium has a total capacity of 17.102 seats. The Main Stand has 4.500 seats, including VIP seats, hospitality lounges, 4 state-of-the-art Sky Boxes and the Press Stand. Opposite to the Main Stand there is the East Stand, which has recently been fully refurbished. The Curva Sud is where Monza’s most avid fans are situated, while the North Stand is dedicated to guest fans.

The stadium is equipped with a modern illumination system that has been implemented in 2019. On that same year the locker rooms and mixed zone have been refurbished as well.


In order to play home games in Monza the Club has undergone in 2019 many renovation works, which first enabled the stadium to host 4.999 spectators.

The majority of the stadium’s areas were renovated, while the Club implemented two new lifts and a full pitch-side LED boards’ system.


In the second half of 2020 the Club completed the following works:

- Increase of the stadium’s capacity to 9.999 seats

- Implementation of an OB-VAN Area

- Creation of several working areas which now enables 80% of the Club’s employees to work at the stadium

- Refurbishment of the pitch, which enabled the Club to win the silver medal for the 2020/2021 best pitch in Serie B


Further renovation works were done in 2021 including:

- Refurbishment of toilets in the West Stand, North Stand and Curva Sud.

- Implementation of guest fans’ parking

- Refurbishment of the internal parking

- Implementation of a new Hospitality Lounge

- Implementation of new working spaces

- West Stand restyling

- Implementation of new benches with modern seats


In just 50 days the East Stand has been completely refurbished, with over 20,000 hours covered by hundreds of workers.



The first, "real" Monza stadium - after those of "Triante" and via Ghilini - is the "Comunale Gino Alfonso Sada". The plant hosted the "Biancorossi" for 43 years.

The "Sada" left many good memories to the fans, from the conquest of the Anglo - Italian Cup to several promotions achieved in this stadium.

On 28 August 1988 the "Stadio Brianteo" was inaugurated with the Coppa Italia Match between Monza and Roma, which ended 2-1 for the "Biancorossi" with goals by Casiraghi, Giannini and Mancuso.


The arrival of the new property marked a turnaround in the number of spectators, recording in the 2018/2019 season the highest number of average appearances at the stadium since 2001 with 2098 spectators per game in the league. In the same season the Brianteo returned to being "sold-out" in the Italian Cup semifinal against Vicenza, with 4453 fans present at the stadium.

The 2019/2020 season confirmed the trend of the previous year and Monza recorded an average attendance of over 4,000 people. On October 26th 2019 during Monza - Renate the Club registered a new record in recent years with 5,542 fans present at the stadium.

The all-time records of appearances in the history of the stadium all date back to the first seasons following its construction:

Serie B 1988/89 - Monza - Genoa: 14.142

Serie B 1989/90 - Monza - Torino: 12.600

Serie B 1989/90 - Monza - Cagliari: 12.200

Italian Cup 1988/89 - Monza - Roma: 12.000

Serie C1 1991/92 - Monza - Chievo: 10.600


Italy - Fiji, 26 November 2005: 11,200 spectators

Calvisano - Benetton Treviso (Super 10 final 2007-08): 11,976

The Super 10 Rugby Finals

From 2006 to 2008 the Brianteo hosted the final of three consecutive editions of the Italian rugby championship, the Super 10; Benetton Treviso was present in all three editions, Calvisano in two of them and Viadana in one. The 2005-06 final recorded 9,300 spectators, the one in 2006-07 11,350 and the one in 2007-08 11,976.


One of the stadium's flagships is the press room, which has been completely refurbished. Able to host up to 90 guests, the U-Power Stadium's press room is ideal for many kinds of events.

Amongst its key features there are:

- 3 blow-ups of the city's most important monuments

- 90 seats


- Spot lighting system

- Predisposition for instant translating activities


The 4 new light towers are equipped with LED lights with a power of 1200 lux (the old system was 500 lux) and are already in line with the Serie A regulations.

The new plant has a strong green impact as it will guarantee significant savings in energy costs thanks to LED technology.

The lighting system is controlled by a DMX system which allows spectacular light effects, making the U-Power Stadium the second stage in Italy with this feature.


2.578 cubic meters of excavations

810 meters of steel poles

10.400 kg of reinforcement rods

105 cubic meters of concrete

80 skilled workers

920 working hours

250 kw of power

240 projectors installed

198 meters of light towers

43.000 meters of electric cables

9 companies involved


The 4 brand-new Sky Boxes were inaugurated in December 2019 and can accommodate 10 people each.

All equipped with private bathroom, ergonomic sofas and stools, mini-bar and TV, they are designed to offer a unique experience. Just outside each Sky Box there are 10 leather armchairs, which allow the fans to enjoy the game in full comfort.

The following Partners have purchased our Sky Boxes for the 2023/2024 season:



The stadium has seven lounges that are used during match-day to welcome guests of sponsor companies, corporate clients and all those who choose to buy the hospitality experience during Monza's home matches. Catering with food and drinks is organised inside the lounges before the match, at half-time or after the match.

During the week the lounges are instead used for the organisation of events such as meetings, company lunches and dinners, parties, fairs and much more.

Here is a list of the lounges: