Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


AC Monza informs that starting from 10 am on Monday, 18th September, it will be possible to buy the tickets for the match Monza - Lecce, which will take place on the 28th of September at 6.30 pm.


Central Gold Stand

Full Price: € 80,00

(+ € 4,00 pre-sale fee)

Lateral Gold Stand

Full Price: € 60,00

(+ € 3,00 pre-sale fee)

East Stand

Lower East Stand Full Price: € 50,00

(+ € 2,50 pre-sale fee)

Lower East Stand Reduced under 16: € 25,00*

(+ € 1,50 pre-sale fee)

Upper East Stand Full Price: € 30,00

(+ € 1,50 pre-sale fee)

Upper East Stand Reduced under 16: € 14,00*

(+ € 1,00 pre-sale fee)

Upper East Stand Full price + Free Under 14: on the basis of DL. 8/2/2007 NR. 8, converted with modification, into law 4 APRIL 2007 N. 41, the initiative allows the purchase of a full price ticket with the simultaneous issue of a free under 14 ticket in the same sector until all available seats have been used up. Tickets issued for this initiative will not be transferable. Click here for all the related information

Please note that tickets purchased at a reduced price are non-transferable.

South Stand SOLD OUT

North Stand - Guest Stand

Full price: € 20,00

(+ € 1,00 pre-sale fee)

CLICK HERE for all the information about Guest Stand tickets.

NB: Please note that from season 22/23 North Stand - Guest Stand is entirely reserved for the fans of the visiting team.

Disabled People Stand - read the new procedure by clicking here

At the time of purchase, each buyer can buy for themselves and 3 other people, for a total of 4 tickets.


AC Monza informs that the parking lots near the U-Power Stadium are managed by the company Monza Mobilità S.r.l. CLICK HERE to read all the related information.


- ONLINE in print@home mode, on the Vivaticket website CLICK HERE

- At VIVATICKET SALES POINTS (CLICK HERE to find the nearest one)

We recommend to distrust any website different from the official one, private trades and other unauthorized channels, as they may offer counterfeit or not valid tickets. The Club is not responsible for any fraud following purchases from unauthorized channels.

At the U-Power Stadium South ticket office which will be open in the following days:

Thursday, 28th September from 12 pm to 6.30 pm

NB: at the South Ticket office it will be possible to collect the AC Monza Cards


In order to effectively manage the flow of people we remind that:

- It will be possible to enter the Stadium exclusively through the Gate shown on your ticket; it is also mandatory to have a valid ticket, regardless the age;

- It is mandatory to have a valid ID;

- It is recommended to arrive at the Stadium early.