Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Address: Via Tognini

Height above sea level: mt. 162

Year of construction: 1985

Field dimensions: 105x68

Total capacity: 9,999

The sale of naming rights to the company U-Power shows how the U-Power Stadium is becoming a modern stadium and more and more at the heart of the AC Monza project.

The U-Power Stadium has a total capacity of 9,999 seats. It consists of a covered grandstand that can hold more than 4,500 seats: in the middle there is the authorities/honors stand with a hospitality area, 4 latest generation sky boxes, the press box, 4 cages for the speaker and commentators.

In front of the central stand is the stand area, which is currently unfit for use. The curves are lower than the grandstand and the stands, the South curve for Monza fans has a total of 2,310, while the North curve - guests is limited to 500 people.

The stadium is equipped with a powerful lighting system that was completely renovated in 2019. In the same year, the changing rooms and the mixed zone were renovated.

The investments made in 2020-21 allowed for the construction of new facilities to ensure greater comfort and new services aimed at providing spectators with an even better experience at every type of event.

The highlight of the stadium restyling works is the new lighting system (discover) and the creation of 4 sky boxes (discover) and the conference room (discover).


In order to be able to play in the championship without avoiding the risk of having to migrate in another stadium, the priority was to obtain the accessibility and to meet safety requirements. The facilities and everything that goes with them were brought up to standard, first for a capacity of 4,999 spectators and then for 9,999 spectators.

Some of the indoor areas of the stadium were completely re-equipped. For the first time in its history, the stadium was equipped with two new lifts, the changing room area was renovated and a hospitality area was set up.

To increase the visibility of sponsors, a two-row LED pitchside advertising system was installed.

In the second half of 2019, major projects were completed to restyle and upgrade the facilities, including the grandstand and the lighting system. The new tribune stands majestically to welcome the entrance to the city. During the works all seats have been replaced with 5 thousand red and white seats that make up the writing "AC MONZA". 


The second half of 2020 has been a period full of interventions as both those planned for that period have been completed, and those whose start was scheduled for May 2020, postponed due to the stop due to COVID.

The interventions can be grouped by purpose into those that are mandatory and necessary to meet regulatory requirements and those necessary to improve and modernise the plant.

- The creation of a fourth sector allowed the capacity to be increased to 9,999 seats, all of which are with seats, thanks to the installation of seats on the north and south corners.

- The creation of the OB-VAN area makes possible to accommodate the heavy vehicles of television productions for national and international competitions. The location of the area allows easy cabling to reach the 3 new camera stations inserted in the central stand.

The resurfacing of the field has allowed the achievement of the second best pitch in the Serie B 2020/21.

The 4000 square metres of the east stand were covered with sheets reproducing the symbols of the city. The decoration not only enhances the view of the stadium, especially from the TV, but also offers new spaces for commercial visibility.

As part of the general renovation, the interior areas of the U-Power Stadium were reorganised and modernised.

The construction of the air conditioning system with anti-COVID air exchange has allowed the usability of the facility for both athletes and employees. In fact, thanks to the creation of new offices, the U-Power Stadium has become the daily work place for more than 80% of the employees.

The tunnel at the entrance to the field with LED system that allows light games is an example and has been chosen several times as a set for photo and video productions.

The Monzello Training Centre, which has become exclusively available to the team and technical staff, has also been further improved through the renovation of the first team changing rooms and pitch 1 with reinforced natural grass.