Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.




The AC Monza Card is the card on which the 2022-23 season ticket will be uploaded. Hence, the AC Monza Card is necessary in order to access the stadium and also buy the season ticket for AC Monza's home matches.

Moreover, the AC Monza Card will be necessary in order to buy tickets for away games, in case authorities put some limitations.

In the future the AC Monza Card will enable fans to access many more services and live a unique experience.


Fans will be able to request an AC Monza Card starting from 21st June 2022 ONLINE on the Vivaticket website by following the procedure below:

- Connect to the Vivaticket platform by clicking here

- Insert personal data and residence

- Attach a digitalised face photo (JPG or PNG format) minimum format 600x600 px and not over 4MB.

IMPORTANT: the photo needs to be a "formal" one, similar to the ones used for ID's. No accessories such as sunglasses, scarfs or hats shall be worn. If you upload a photo with larger dimensions than 600x600 px you will be bale to resize it.

IMPORTANT: in case you give fake personal data or your photo does not meet the above requirements, the Card will not be produced and you will be contacted in order to give the right information.

After the purchase you will immediately receive a provisional Card by e-mail, which will enable you to take advantage of all of the services mentioned above.

You will be able to receive the AC Monza Card at home, with an estimated delivery time of 25-30 days and delivery fees on you.

Alternatively, you will be able to collect your AC Monza Card at the U-Power Stadium's ticket office. Dates and time for the collection will be communicated later on.


The AC Monza Card is unique and not replaceable and is valid for 5 years.

The AC Monza Card has a price of € 5,00 if requested during the 2022/23 season ticket campaign; after that period the AC Monza Card will have a price of € 10,00.


Once received, it will be necessary to activate the AC Monza Card at the first use at the U-Power Stadium's ticket office.

Per poter accedere a tutti i servizi esclusivi è importante che i dati nell’area personale Vivaticket siano sempre validi ed aggiornati.

In order to access exclusive services it is important that the information in the Vivaticket's personal area is always valid and up to date.


Who can purchase an AC Monza Card?

Everyone who has not been given a banning order for sports events or have had convictions related to stadium violence in the last 5 years.

I minori possono richiedere l’AC Monza Card?

Yes, but a parent will have to provide for all the necessary documentation.

Is the AC Monza Card mandatory for home and away matches?

The AC Monza Card is mandatory for the purchase of a 2022/2023 season ticket. It is not mandatory for the purchase of home single tickets, however it gives the chance to take advantage of many perks.

What happens if you lose the AC Monza Card?

You will be able to request a new AC Monza Card on

For more information: 039836664