Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Despite a vast amount of chances Monza does not manage to grab a win against Lecce as it ends 1-1 at the U-Power Stadium.

The match starts in the worst way possible for the Biancorossi as Lecce finds the lead after only 2 minutes thanks to a penalty well converted by Krstovic.

Monza however reacts immediately and starts pushing in order to find the equaliser. The goal finally arrives in the 24th minute with Colpani who, served in the box by Colombo, beats Falcone and scores his third goal in this Serie A.

The Biancorossi have some great chances with Gagliardini, Ciurria and Colombo, but their strikes all go wide.

In the 55th minute Lecce goes down to 10 men after Baschirotto receives a red card due to a dangerous tackle on Colombo.

In the 73rd minute Andrea Carboni finds the well deserved lead, but his goal is disallowed due to offside. 

In the 85th minute there is a red card for Monza as well, as Caldirola leaves his teammates down to 10 men.

It ends 1-1 at the U-Power Stadium, the Biancorossi will be back on the pitch on Saturday 23rd September at 8:45pm at the Stadio Olimpico against Lazio.