Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


The accreditation requests for each home match must be sent by email to no later than 12:30 on the Friday before the match (two days before the match in the case of midweek shifts or advances). Requestors must meet the following indications:

1. name, surname, phone number and email address of the accredited journalists;

2. copy of a valid ID;

3. photocopy of a valid National Order of Journalists card;

4. Issuer's official document signed by the Manager (the Issuer must be duly registered with the competent Court);

5. copy of the authorization issued by Lega PRO.

A copy of the ID accompanied by a copy of the badge attesting the Issuer's membership is sufficient.

If accreditation requests are received without one of the above requirements, or outside of the set time frame, they will not be taken into consideration.