Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


A.C. Monza S.p.A. informs that it is forbidden to introduce banners, flags or any other related material including choreographies, unless previously authorized. Drums and other means of sound diffusion will also be prohibited.

In order to be able to introduce banners and / or flags containing written material in support of your team, the authorization request must be sent, at least seven days before the match, to specifying the following:

- Complete details of the applicant;

- The size and material (mandatory non-flammable) of the banners / flags;

- The content and graphics (with related photographic documentation)

- The sector of the stadium where the content will be shown;

- The methods and timing of implementation of the choreography.

No authorization is required for flags with only the social colors of your team.

Moreover, A.C. Monza states that the authorization to display the banner / flag must be accepted, at least five days before the match, by the G.O.S. Officer or the Questore's Cabinet Office, informed of the request by the organizing Club, provided that:

- The author of the request is identified;

- Within the group identified by the exhibited material there are no persons subject to an access ban to sports facilities (Daspo);

- There are no impedimental reasons neither for public order and safety nor for the protection of public safety and fire safety;

- The dimensions of the material do not obstruct the view of other fans.

The authorization can also be granted for the duration of the entire season and revoked in the event that members of the group identified by the exhibited material receive a Daspo.

The outcome of the authorization request will be communicated to the interested party by the organizing Club, accompanied by the following information:

- The authorized material must be introduced, from the passage indicated by the Club, at least one hour before the gates open to the public;

- After the gates open, the introduction of any material (authorized or not) will no longer be allowed;

- The banners must be placed in the space indicated by the Club;

- The display of unauthorized material will result in its immediate removal and responsibles for the action will be kicked out of the stadium;

- After the outflow, the authorized material must be removed and, where required, fully re-presented at the indicated passage.