Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Requests for accreditation for a single home match must be sent by email to no later than 12:30 on the Friday before the match (two days before the game in the case of midweek or early shifts). The accreditations must meet the following indications:

1. name, surname, phone number and email address of accredited journalists;

2. copy of a valid ID;

3. photocopy of a valid National Order of Journalists badge;

4. official document of the Issuer signed by the Manager (the Issuer must be duly registered with the competent Court);

5. copy of the authorization issued by the PRO League if films (synthesis and / or direct) or radio commentary are made.

Photographers may have access to the Brianteo stadium only upon request for accreditation from a newspaper (by attaching a copy of an ID and professional card) and in the order of 1 photographer per newspaper. Websites are allowed to publish photogalleries of matches made up to a maximum of 8 shots.

If the accreditation requests arrive without one of the aforementioned requirements, or outside the pre-established times, they will not be taken into consideration.

The Press Office requests the maximum collaboration and availability from all information operators so that the requested documentation is complete. If requests for accreditation are received without one of the aforementioned requirements, they will not be taken into consideration.