Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Season press accreditations for NEWSPAPER JOURNALISTS (max 2 journalists + 1 photographer)

Accreditation requests to attend AC Monza home matches in the Press Gallery must be sent by email to

Information must include::

1. name, surname, phone number and email address of the accredited journalist / photographer;

2. copy of a valid ID

3. photocopy of a valid National Order of Journalists badge;

4. an official document of the Newspaper where the journalist carries out his activity, signed by the Editorial Secretariat or the Director (Newspaper of reference must be regularly registered with the competent Court), in the order of maximum 2 requests per Newspaper;

Photographers may have access to the Brianteo stadium only upon request for accreditation from a Newspaper (by attaching a copy of an ID and professional card) and in the order of 1 photographer per Newspaper.