Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Great result for the AC Monza Team eSports, which flies to the playoffs of the FIFAe Club World Cup and writes another page in its history. 

On Friday January 22nd was concluded the fourth and final round of qualifying, in which Monza has closed in 3rd place, finishing in the same position in the overall standings of Conference 7 with 780 Consistency Points and already secured a prize of $1000.

The round starts immediately with a match from inside or outside against Fiorentina, to which Monza responds with a victory of both Er Caccia (3-2) and Nzorello (1-0) and qualification to the playoffs almost hypothetical.

In the second match the Biancorossi defeat Bundled, one of the favorites of the Conference at the beginning of the tournament with Er Caccia and Nzorello winning both 3-2. A victory with a very sweet taste, since it allows Monza to be mathematically qualified for the playoffs. In the next 2 matches come the painful defeats with Futbolist and LOSC Lille, with the latter getting an unexpected access to the playoffs against Grizi Esport. Monza, Futbolist, Biundled and Lille gain access to the playoffs.

Monza enters the European Top 56 and the World Top 84. At the beginning of the competition the teams of the old continent were more than 400. The Biancorossi are also the only Italian soccer club together with Genoa to have gained access to the playoffs, joining 17 other football clubs including Manchester City, Ajax and Sporting Lisbon.

On Thursday 28 January there will be the playoffs (Monza will face Futbolist in the semifinals), where only one team of the four remaining will access the final event that this year due to COVID will be held online divided by zones.

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