Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Another great week for Monza that consolidates its position in Division 1 thanks to the 5th place obtained in the second round of the FIFAe Club World Cup Online Qualifiers.

The path of the Biancorossi starts uphill with the defeat against Audacity Esports; Er_Caccia starts very well and beats his opponent 4-0, but Nzorello unfortunately can not repeat himself on Xbox and is beaten by JSharpp10. The decisive match is played on PS4, where Er_Caccia loses on penalties after a very balanced match. 

The Biancorossi make up for it in the second match with a convincing victory against Football Club Emmen (5-2 for Er_Caccia and 3-2 for Nzorello). A fundamental win that allows Monza to remain in Division 1 even in the next round, scheduled on January 14th-15th.

The third game sees a defeat against Grizi Esport at the end of a thrilling challenge. Er_Caccia gets a nice 3-0 win against Rafsoou and Nzorello loses 2-1 to GriziMino 2-1. The decisive match is played on Xbox, where the French team wins after repeating the extra-time three times, due to some controversies emerged during the game.

With some regret, Monza closes the second round in 5th place, obtaining 120 Consistency Points and placing itself in the same position in the Conference Standings (280 CP total).

Football Club Emmen and Pest Esports are relegated to Division 2 while Fiorentina and Red Star Belgrade are promoted to Division 1. Finally, all the teams in Division 3 at the end of Round 2 have been eliminated from the tournament.

Next appointment will be January 14th-15th for the third round of qualifications.

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