Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


The first qualifying round of the FIFA eClub World Cup, the most important competition of the season dedicated to eSports teams in the FIFA 21 world, has concluded.

AC Monza Team eSports, represented by Raffaele "Er Caccia" Cacciapuoti on PS4 and Renzo "Nzorello" Parave on Xbox, closed the first week in fourth place in Division 1.

The "Biancorossi" started off very strong, getting a victory in the first match against the feared Lille (6-2 on PS4, 3-2 on Xbox). In the second match, however, comes the defeat against Grizi Esports, the team of Barcelona striker Griezmann. Er Caccia wins 3-2 on PS4 against Rafsoou, but Nzorello is defeated 3-2 by GriziMino. The decisive match is played on PS4, but Er Caccia can't repeat himself and loses 1-0.

In the third match comes the clear victory against Football Club Emmen, thanks to the successes obtained by both the red and white players (3-2 on PS4, 5-1 on Xbox).

In the fourth match, finally, comes the defeat against the strong Turkish team Futbolist; Er Caccia manages to beat FutbolistMert, but Nzorello unfortunately gets a double defeat on Xbox, also due to the bad connection of his opponent isopowerr.

Monza closes the round in fourth place, position valid to keep the category in view of the next round. Same position also in the general ranking thanks to the 160 Consistency Points earned.

To be noted the promotions in Division 1 of Audacity Esports and Monaco and the relegations of Lille and Elites Esports.

The next round will be played on January 7 and 8, where, at the end of the week, all the teams present in Division 3 will be eliminated from the tournament.

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