Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


Great participation for the first edition of the “Insieme al Monza e-Cup by Limec”, the FIFA21 tournament on PS4 reserved for the AC Monza's youth academy and for the affiliated teams of the project Insieme al Monza.

INSIEME AL MONZA E-CUP BY LIMEC is a competition with an exclusively playful purpose focused on fun and sharing, designed to involve young players of AC Monza and of the affiliated teams in this period away from the fields.

The tournament takes place entirely in online mode with a direct elimination scoreboard with 196 participants from the Under 14 and above categories of 25 teams from all over Italy at the starting line. 

An entirely red and white tournament, as it will only be played with AC Monza, but a tournament that also aims to be an educational experience of fair play and interculture, bringing together young people from many regions of Italy. For these reasons LIMEC UNIMEDIA - Higher School for Linguistic Mediators, has decided to marry the project becoming its official partner.