Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A.


A positive afternoon for Monza, as the Biancorossi go back to winning ways thanks to a 3-1 victory over Pordenone at the U-Power Stadium.

In the starting 11 Caldirola (disqualified) is replaced by Antov, while Mister Stroppa chooses Mota and Ciurria upfront.

The start however is shocking for Monza, as the Biancorossi concede a penalty in the 4th minute, which is the well converted by Tsadjout, giving the lead to the guests.

Monza however reacts immediately and finds the equaliser in the 13th minute. Carlos serves Machin who, from just inside the box, beats Perisan and makes it 1-1.

The Biancorossi keep on attacking for the rest of the first half, however not being able to find the lead.

In the second half the music does not change and Monza insists in order to find the lead, which arrives in the 72nd minute thanks to Sampirisi.

Pordenone struggles to react and the Biancorossi find the third in the 90th minute thanks to baby talent Vignato.

It ends 3-1 at the U-Power Stadium, Monza will be back on the field on Friday 1st October at 8:30pm against Lecce.