A.c. Monza 1912 - Hall of Fame - Evaristo Beccalossi
Name Evaristo Beccalossi
Nationality italy
Date of birth 12-05-1956
Birth place Brescia
Seasons in Monza 1985-1986
Caps and goals 14 (3)
Role Midfielder


Midfielder-director, natural right who with training developed more qualities with his left foot, such as to make him feel left-handed. As a playmaker, he rose to national fame between the late seventies and the early eighties with the Inter shirt, with which he became Champion of Italy from 1979 to 1980 and reached the Semi-final of the Champions Cup 1980-1981. He also won the 1981 Mundialito Clubs and the 1981-1982 Italian Cup with the Nerazzurri. Coming from the nursery of his hometown team, Brescia, a militant in the cadet series, (capable of winning the 1974/1975 Spring Championship as owner), was purchased by Inter at the end of the 1977/78 season (the season following the engagement by Alessandro Altobelli, with whom he will reconstitute the couple already at work in the "swallows" into the Nerazzurri). In 6 years of permanence he collected 216 appearances between the Championship (Serie A), European cups and the Italian Cup, making 37 goals, including a brace in the derby that Inter won 2-0 in the 1979/80 season, which ended with the victory of the Scudetto. The victory of the Spanish World Cup in 1982 by the Italian national team without his presence and the engagement of Hansi Muller by Inter (with whom cohabitation was not always easy) diminished his fame and performance, until the loan to Sampdoria in the 1984/85 season which ranked fourth at the end of the Championship and won the Italian Cup. Monza then in Serie B, bought it from Inter in October 1985. He had time to savor Serie A again during the second of two seasons with Brescia, to end his career in football that counts in Barletta in Serie B. In the 1989/1990 season he was hired by Pordenone in (Serie D), and subsequently by Breno (Serie D), where he ended his career. During his career he scored a total of 249 appearances and 30 goals in Serie A and 159 appearances and 23 goals in Serie B.


During the years of success, the diatribe was notorious for its failure to call national teams between the sports press and the Nerazzurri fans (and not only) on one side and the then C.T. Enzo Bearzot on the other. Before each engagement of the major representative, their use was hoped for, and once the list of players called had been issued, the controversy about his failure to convene was unfailing in the newspapers. It is said that Beccalossi's failure to call up the national team was due to a "scoundrel" that he himself did on the field to Giuseppe Furino during an Internazionale - Juventus, when the Nerazzurri midfielder made a tunnel to the Juventus midfielder at 4 to 0 for the Internazionale (out of the national team, but very powerful inside the Juventus locker room), thus attracting the ire of the Juventus clan in strength to the National team, which convinced Bearzot not to call him. Beccalossi has collected 7 appearances and a goal between Italy Under-21 and Olympic Italy.


After leaving football he worked as a commercial agent for a well-known Japanese multinational television and HiFi company, for which Nazzareno Canuti also worked, with whom Beccalossi had won the championship in the 1979-80 season. He is currently a sports commentator in the Qui Studio a Voi Stadio and Controcampo broadcasts, as well as testimonial of a brand of cured meats and a real estate company.

In the summer of 2009 he was appointed market consultant for Taranto Sport by the new president of the Rossoblu association Enzo D'Addario.