A.c. Monza 1912_ Hall of Fame_ Davide Pinato
Name Davide Pinato
Nationality italy
Date of birth 15-03-1964
Birth place Monza
Seasons in Monza 1983-1988
Caps and goals 37(-36)
Role Goalkeeper


Soccer player who grew up in Monza, made his debut in the first team in the 1987/88 championship (in the C / 1 series), where he suffered only one goal in 14 games: a record that will bring him the call from Milan. He then moved on to Atalanta, where he spent most of his career, then ended at Sampdoria. During his militancy in the formation of Bergamo he was appreciated for his dedication to the cause, despite the fixed role of second goalkeeper. He managed to play as the owner only for the 1996/1997 season, winning his place in the current season against Davide Micillo. During this championship Pinato was able to keep his goal clean for 651 consecutive minutes (Atalanta's unbeaten record in Serie A, still unbeaten). Another salient episode of his career was recorded on 22 October 2000 when he saved two penalties during the Bari-Atalanta game 0-2. At the end of his career he began to coach Milan's goalkeepers.